Buy Here Pay Here

Couple getting auto loan

Auto Financing in Indianapolis

As one of the largest dealership groups in the Indianapolis area, we have a remarkable range of auto financing options to meet your needs. Our financing programs are based upon your current ability to pay for a vehicle, not on your past credit history. While we work with a variety of prominent lending institutions, we can also extend loans to our customers directly. As a buy here pay here dealership group, we are able to provide flexible financing to car buyers who may not otherwise be approved for an auto loan.

We offer the option of filling out our online credit application ahead of time, which can save you some time and hassle when visiting our dealerships to make your purchase. If you plan on trading in a current vehicle, use our trade-in estimate feature to help you determine how much you will have to use for a down payment. You can also complete our Quick Quote application to get an idea of the purchase price of your next vehicle.