Ray Skillman Westside Auto Mall Yelp Review

yelp5star  8/25/2016            By Katelyn C.      60s

I recently purchased a vehicle at Ray Skillman Westside Auto Mall- a 2015 Huyndai Sonata with their Huyndai team and couldn’t be happier.

First, let me say this is my first vehicle purchase outside of my family business. My family has owned a car dealership in Northern Indiana for three decades- the business was sold a year ago. With that being said, I was leary to go elsewhere. I visited several dealerships in Indianapolis because I was unsure about what brand/model I wanted. Further, I felt like I always got that stereotypical “car salesman” pitch, demeanor and feel.

At Ray Skillman, I worked with George Lewis- phenomenal. He didn’t try to sell me on the radio, heated seats, but on the engine, car quality and longevity of the car. That sold me- genuine humans selling a product to people looking to purchase. Again, phenomenal. I would definitely recommend.

I also went through their Financing. I worked with Brian Shultz- again, great. This opinion is based upon my experience of him exceeding expectations. He was dissatisfied with a loan rate I was quoted, though it was towards the end of the evening and they were closing- he took it upon himself to investigate better rates the next day- unsolicited by me. That shows that they care and aren’t just there to turn a profit. I had already purchased the car.

I will be a lifetime customer for as along as I live in Indianapolis area.

Side note to address comments below- for the last two years I’ve lived in this city I’ve regularly done business with their service department. Never once did I feel up charged or hassled for unnecessary maintenance. Actually, quite the opposite. When suggested work came up in conversation for my car, it was often followed up with “you can wait until your next service – it’s not an immediate safety concern,” or “it’s suggested to replace, but as you can see the part it’s not worn. Knowing you and your driving patterns it makes sense this isn’t as deteriorated as normal”. Again, genuine people running a business.

Definitely consider them for your new and used car shopping- I can’t recommend them enough.