Finding Hope When All Sez njzems Lost

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Today while walking through the Hyundai building, I noticed the Hope on Wheels car with all of the handprints on it. I thought…that’s a cool thing for Hyundai to do. They donate profits to local hospitals. I remember a photo of Bill Skillman presenting a $30,000 check to an oncologist at Riley a few years ago, but I wanted to dig a little deeper. I jumped on YouTube and watched some of the videos from the kids and what they had to say. As a father and grand-father it’s really tough to watch the videos. Cancer sucks. We lost our mother to cancer 16 years ago, so it’s a subject I know all too well.

However, the kids in the videos are all so positive. The Hope they have is inspiring. They are finding hope when all seems lost. It’s kind of unbelievable.

Hope. Psychologists say hope has the ability to heal faster and better. Hope helps a patient develop better coping skills with their illnesses. If Hyundai’s Hope on Wheels helps even one person (it’s helped a lot more than that), then it’s worth every dollar they’ve donated.

This is the part where you are expecting me to ask you to come buy a Hyundai, so they will donate even more to help end childhood cancer one handprint at a time. But…there are other ways you can help. You can donate through this link – Donate Here. Or you can simply send a message of encouragement to one of the kids here – Send a Message. However you decide to help is wonderful.

I am going to leave a link to watch a YouTube video of Kelsey and her one wish… Please know that the video is very tough to watch, but I think it’s important to know what the kids are going through. Watch it alone if you don’t want anyone to see you cry. It’s a tear jerker and a heartstring puller…

Kelsey’s Wish

Take the time to tell someone you love them. Show appreciation for what you have. Do something positive with the love and energy you have. Make a difference. Give someone hope when all seems lost.

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