Genesis: A New Beginning

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When I tossed around the idea for this blog, I wanted to focus more on the destinations than the vehicles. I was going to toss in a few plugs for the cars as I used the different features, but mainly talk about the restaurants and attractions we visit. However, for the first blog entry, as I transition from Blogger to writing directly on the web page, I was given the opportunity to drive the 2016 Hyundai Genesis. At first, I said I would rather take a Sonata or Elantra, because they are higher in volume for sales. As the time to leave got closer, I took the Genesis, because it was easier. I am very happy that I went with the Genesis.

My first thoughts, when getting into the car, were, “Wow! This is so much nicer than my Jeep Wrangler!” I drove the Genesis home, changed clothes, and headed out for Saturday night dinner. I started to fall in love with the Genesis on the way to Greenwood. By the time I made it home, I had to text the manager of the Hyundai store and tell him how happy I was going with the Genesis.

I love cars. I love transportation! Bicycles, motorcycles, cars, trucks, boats, and airplanes…I love them all! However, after I got rid of my MazdaSpeed3, I started to lose my passion for driving for the sake of driving. I began to just think of my Jeep as a way to get to work and to the grocery store. Utility. That’s pretty boring. Life is much better when you are excited to get in your car! The Genesis really did create a new beginning. A new beginning for my love of cars. – OK…enough of my rambling! Let me tell you about our trip to Huber Winery, the Story Inn, and then through Nashville on the way back to Indy!

Due to time constraints, we took Interstate 65 south from Indianapolis to exit 9. This may seem like an uneventful route, but it allowed us to really get to know the Genesis. There are some really cool features on that car! The Lane Keep Assist was a step up from the Lane Departure Warning systems I’ve experienced in other vehicles. The car actually helps you stay in your lane. You know how you tend to drift if you are looking toward one side or the other? OK, maybe I am the only one who loves to look at stuff other than what’s directly in front of me… Anyway, the car very gently keeps you between the lines on the highway. The car doesn’t drive itself, but it does do a little steering of the car if you lose focus. The Heads-up display was pretty cool too. It provided just the right amount of information in plain view while keeping your eyes on the road. By the time we reached exit 9, I pretty much had a handle on all the features of the car. Sara, my trusty co-pilot, spent a lot of the trip reading the owner’s manual to me. Together, we had it all figured out (remember…I drive a Jeep. I have manual windows and door locks, but I can take my doors off, so that makes up for it ((kind of)).


Short Video of Our Trip



Getting to Huber Winery is a task. It’s not conveniently located just off of the interstate (which made it perfect for this trip). Oh!!! The address on Groupon said Starlight, IN, but the Genesis was smart enough to tell me it’s address is actually in Borden, IN. I was pretty impressed. After 20 minutes of turn left in 1.4 miles, turn right in 1.2 miles…we pulled up to Huber Winery in Starlight, IN 🙂 Wow!!! Just Wow!!! The winery and the orchards are beautiful on the first day of spring when there are no leaves on the trees or fruit on the vines. I can not wait to go back when the trees and vines are producing.

At the Huber winery, there is the winery, a distillery, a farmer’s market and a cheese and ice cream shop. Oh, and a bakery. They have a small kitchen that serves pizzas (delicious), sandwiches, and cheese plates. Our food was very good. Believe it or not, they also have wine. lots of wine.  I bought a Groupon for VIP wine tasting for two which included a small wine sample, a cheese plate, and an Artisan pizza. We bought 6 bottles of wine, including their strawberry wine. The strawberry wine was the first wine they sold commercially…the VIP package also included a tour of the winery and distillery, so we went on that next! What a wonderful facility! It was unlike any wine tasting I’ve ever done before. The behind the scenes look was refreshing!

After the tasting and tour, we spent some time going through the ice cream and cheese shop. We are going to see Superman vs Batman this weekend, so I had to get the Superman ice cream…what 44 year old doesn’t like blue ice cream? We went over to the farmer’s market and the bakery next. If you are diabetic, or trying to lose weight, do not look to the right when you walk in the door. Fudge. Lots of fudge. We ended up buying two different breads and some strawberry muffin mix to go with the strawberry wine. Huber Winery was pretty smart with their Groupon. I paid $22 for the VIP wine tasting for two, but spent well over $100 for product once we got their. It was so very worth it though! We spent a few hours after the wine tasting just checking out the scenery. We went out to the pond and watched the ducks swim. We watched other people laughing and having a great time…we just enjoyed the beautiful day at such a gorgeous destination.It’s time to leave. I am not going back to Interstate 65. We put in the address for the Story Inn, and headed that way.

This is where the Genesis was the most fun. Hills. Twists. Turns. Hilly twisty turns… The AWD 3.8 was more fun than a barrel of monkeys 🙂 Since this was a borrowed car, I didn’t drive it like I would one of my autocross cars. Let’s just call it spirited driving (I want to be able to keep doing this 🙂 ). We switched drivers a couple of times. I didn’t want to keep all the fun to myself. Well, really I did, but people keep telling me that life isn’t all about me, so I shared the fun. She loved it. She drives a 4 cylinder, front wheel drive sedan (but she has power windows and a sunroof), so the step up in power and drivability was pretty amazing for her. She kept smiling these big grins as she talked about how the car felt.

Somehow, we made it to the Story Inn in no time at all. If you have never been to Story, IN or the Story Inn, please make plans to visit ASAP. We were both still full, but the Story Inn always has such amazing desserts. We were promptly seated, and our server was almost immediately there to take care of us. We asked if we could just get dessert, and she said of course. I ordered the cheesecake of the day, and she ordered a pecan caramel custard. I got up to look around at all the antiques and the view of the woods out back. It is something to experience! When I got back to the table, the server had brought us a loaf of the most amazing bread with butter, and a beet tartare that was absolutely delicious!!! I had some of the bread, then my beet tartare (did I tell you that it was delicious?), and then my dessert arrived…could this day get any better. I sampled mine, and she sampled hers. The custard was very fresh and obviously homemade, but she didn’t care for the egg taste, so I reluctantly gave up my cheesecake (see…I’ll share!). I loved the custard! It was perfect. The server informed us that there was another surprise! I said, “really?” She said, “yes, your check! Surprise!” I chuckled, and she said she was kidding. The chef made us a small sample dessert he wanted us to try. It was a lime tart. Key Lime Pie is my favorite dessert, but this lime tart from the Story Inn was mouth watering!

We got back in the Genesis and headed to Nashville, IN. We didn’t do much except drive around and look at the sights. I got out a few times to take some photos. It was getting late, and I had to be up at 4:40 the next morning…We are going back to Nashville for a wedding in May, so I will make up for the hasty retreat then. We switched drivers again, and headed back to Indianapolis. We had a great trip.

Thank you Ray Skillman Hyundai West for letting me use your car. Thank you, Groupon, for introducing me to such a wonderful winery. Thank you Huber Winery for having such a beautiful destination and wonderful service! To the Story Inn…thank you so much for everything. I think you went way above and beyond what I could have ever expected. I can’t wait to go back again, and again! Thank you! Nashville, IN I am sorry I didn’t take more advantage of what you have to offer, but we will be back! And thank you, Sara, for being such a great co-pilot and traveling companion! And if anyone actually reads this…thank you for your time! I hope you get out and enjoy these destinations, and Ray Skillman Auto Mall hopes you enjoy them in a vehicle you purchase from them 🙂

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