Ray Skillman Mazda West Meets Circle City Mazda Crew

April 25th, 2016 by

On Saturday April 23, 2016 at 10am the Circle City Mazda Crew and Ray Skillman Mazda West met at Ray Skillman Used Cars of Avon to celebrate the opening of a new Mazda store in Avon and to take a 100 mile cruise through the country side of west-central Indiana. About 14 cars in total (20 people) arrived for a Cars and Coffee type meeting. It was a time to show off your clean car before the dirt and dust settled over your car like a close-knit sweater.

After about an hour or so of saying hi to old friends and introducing yourself to new ones, it was time to hit the road. Keeping the group together was the first obstacle. If you have traveled Rockville Road before, you know timed stoplights and merging traffic can interfere with the best laid plans for a single car. Try keeping 14 cars together 🙂


A Little Video of the Day:


We made it Danville, IN’s Mayberry Cafe in one piece and relatively in one solid line of Mazdas. However, when we arrived, we learned the famous Mayberry Cafe Police Cruiser was out getting a beauty service for the upcoming Mayberry Festival! That didn’t stop anyone from taking photos though! We stood around and talked for about 15 minutes then took off toward Veedersburg.

We took 39 to the right, heading north out of Danville. Not too long after we got on to 39, we were quickly exiting onto 236. 236 offers just the right amount of twists, turns, hills, and straightaways (you have to let your MazdaSpeed3 breathe!). We followed a FedEx truck for the first couple of miles, but he was in a hurry to get his deliveries done (or he thought we were trying to recreate a Fast and Furious scene), so he didn’t hold us up. We took 236 to a small gas station in North Salem. It was neat when the gas station attendant came out to take pictures of the cars! We left North Salem on 75 to 234 just south of Jamestown. 75 has a couple of really nice sharp turns, but not any real twist-turns.

234 was where the ride really came alive. It’s kind of straight until you make it to Ladoga. We stopped again in Ladoga at the Marathon to regroup and chat again. We stayed about 15 minutes. We cruised down 234 past Shades State Park. There was no one in front of us as we entered the area between Shades and Pine Hill Nature Preserve, and the turns and corners rewarded us! It was a lot of fun!! We stayed on 234 until we hit 41 near Kingman. From Kingman it was just a quick 10 minute trip to Veedersburg. We regrouped and refueled our cars at the Valero. The attendant didn’t come out to take any photos, but we sure turned some heads!

We took a less scenic route back to Indianapolis because of a time crunch for our 3pm dinner and game plans at Dave and Busters! A few guys stopped by Ray Skillman Mazda West. The manager emptied a car off of a ramp in the showroom and let the guys snap some photos of their cars. Everyone eventually made it to the north side for food and fun. It was a great time. The service was great, the food was delicious, and the games were a blast. I am trying really hard not to throw anyone under the bus, but I heard someone isn’t very good at air hockey!

If you live in Indianapolis and own a Mazda, check out Circle City Mazda Crew on Facebook. They are pretty active in the spring, summer, and fall. If you live in Indianapolis and don’t own a Mazda, see Vince or Yanni at Ray Skillman Mazda West! They can help you get a Mazda, so you can go hang out with CCMC!


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