Ray Skillman Westside Auto Mall Employee Spotlight June 2016

June 2nd, 2016 by

It’s a TIE! The employees at Ray Skillman Westside Auto Mall have voted and we have two employees tied for the Employee Spotlight this June! It was really a close race, and normally there can ‘only be one,’ but this month we have two!

Derrick Holmes from Kia Service and Berry Hawes from Hyundai Service are this month’s Ray Skillman Westside Auto Mall’s Employee Spotlights 🙂

Derrick Holmes has been around the car business for quite a few years. He started at Ray Skillman Westside as a salesperson, and a few years ago started in the Service Department at the Kia store. Derrick Holmes has been described as a joy to work with and very personable with the guests he interacts with.

Berry started in the Hyundai Service Department at Ray Skillman Westside Auto Mall a few years ago and is described by his peers as a hard worker and an overall great guy!

We asked our two June recipients a few questions about themselves, and here are their answers! Let’s meet our Spotlights!


Derrick Holmes:

Do you have a favorite quote?


“I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be wise as serpents and gentle as doves.” Matthew 10:16

What is the first thing you would buy if you won the lottery?

Mom and Dad a bigger house.

What do you like to do on your days off?


Fish and play with my daughter!



Berry Hawes:

If you were to write a self-help book, what would you title it?

Berry 🙂

Where would you like to go for a dream vacation?



If Hollywood made a movie about your life, who would you like to see cast as you?


David Caruso from CSI Miami!


There you have it folks!


Ray Skillman Westside Auto Mall is very proud of Derrick, Berry, and all of our employees!


If you would like to apply for a position at Ray Skillman Westside Auto Mall with Derrick and Berry, just CLICK HERE TO APPLY!

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