What is art?

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I appreciate art in many forms. I’ve always enjoyed art found in nature, but years ago I took an art class at Grace College. The class mainly focused on paintings and sculptures, and it really helped me appreciate the artists behind a lot of famous paintings and sculptures. I am by no means artistic, but I appreciate art in its many forms. At a recent visit to the Indianapolis Museum of Art, I saw a car at the opening to the Contemporary Design exhibit…it really made me think about cars as art. I think most people would agree that a red Ferrari with its supple brown leather interior could be considered as a work of art, but what about a Kia Soul?

You read that correctly. A 2016 Kia Soul is a work of art. Have you ever taken the time to just stare at a Kia Soul? I mean, we have all seen the funny commercials with the hamster gang, but have you ever REALLY looked at the car? I have. I must admit, the first time I really paid any attention to the curves and corners of a Soul was just recently.

I drove the 2016 Kia Soul around Indianapolis looking for art. It’s easy to find in Indianapolis. We have sculptures everywhere. There are dozens of art galleries. However, let’s return to the title…What is Art?

If you travel down College Ave. from downtown toward Broad Ripple, you can see graffiti under the overpasses, there’s even a couple buildings with very pretty murals on them. And what about the buildings themselves? There are quite a few older houses along the way with some awesome design touches. Take a look at the houses in your neighborhood. Are there any designs that speak to you and your inner artist?

Entering Broad Ripple from the south, I noticed the Jazz Kitchen. We all agree that Jazz is art, right? Have you ever dined in the Jazz Kitchen though? Eggplant 2.0…that’s all I have to say about that! The Jazz Kitchen not only tickles your ears with the smooth jazz sounds of a live band, but the also deliver food that is visually entertaining and mouth-watering delicious! The dancing at the Jazz Kitchen is also art – some of the artists are much better than the others, but it is all entertaining!


Kia Soul Artwork (click here)


As I mentioned earlier, the art class I took helped me appreciate the artists behind the art. Who is the artist behind the Kia Soul? Michael Torpey, who was at Cadillac and GM (Acadia, Outlook, and the VIZION concepts) before coming to Kia, is the senior designer at Kia who created the Soul. When Peter Schreyer, think Audi TT, joined Kia in 2006 as the Chief Design Officer, he made some changes to the Kia Soul. He designed the Tiger Nose design for the Kia Optima, and then incorporated it into the design of all Kia vehicles. He wanted people to be able to recognize a Kia from the front end like we do a BMW or Mercedes Benz. I have watched a few videos that feature Mr. Schreyer, and he is nothing short of an artistic genius.

What is Art? To the brewmaster it is her beer. To the chef it is his food. To a painter it is their canvas! To Subway it is a sandwich :). What about #18 or #31? Weren’t they artists on the field and the court? At Ray Skillman Westside Auto Mall it is our customer service. We take great pride in treating everyone who visits our dealership with dignity and respect. We want to be the greatest customer service artisans in the world!


Art is everywhere. How will you be an artist today?

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